What is Elemental Hair Analysis for Animals?


Elemental Hair Analysis for Animals EHAA is an innovative project implemented thanks to close cooperation between an accredited LifelineDiag diagnostic laboratory and a team of scientists and specialists in the field of animal breeding and nutrition.

EHAA test result has been developed based on the results of many scientific studies conducted using the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry with the Optima 8000 ICP-OES spectrometer from PerkinElmer, analyzed and developed by a panel of experts in the field of diet and animal biology.

The EHAA is a non-invasive diagnostic test that gives the most reliable results of the levels and proportions of nutrients and toxins that occur in animals’ coat.

By performing an EHAA test you will be able to control and regulate the biochemical balance and mineral nutrition of the body – the factors essential for the health and shape of your best friend.


What the result of EHAA can tell you?

The EHAA result tells you about the body’s condition and disease trends

Information is obtained based on the indicated levels of elements – including macro-and micronutrients important for health, as well as toxic elements, which, by loading the animal’s body, are often the cause of numerous ailments and diseases.

As a result of the EHAA, we also learn about the mutual proportions of elements, extremely important for maintaining the biochemical balance of the organism.

Each result includes a description of the parameters shown in the study. As a result, owners and breeders receive valuable advice and dietary tips, individually focused on their animals.


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Why EHAA, not urine or blood test?

Hair – unlike blood or urine – collects information about the changes taking place in the mineral economy of the whole organism, thus giving a more real and accurate picture of nutritional excesses, deficiencies and toxic loads than the body fluids.

The blood test doesn’t show the state of mineral balance in such a precise way, because its composition is regulated at the cost of other tissues and organs (such as the hair) by „displacing” or collecting missing nutrients from them. This is why elemental hair analysis accurately reflects the actual state of nutrition in the animal’s body.

When to do an EHAA test?


Elemental Hair Analysis is a simple, non-invasive test that is worth doing in animals of all ages:

  • For preventive purposes, to check that the diet used provides the animals with what they need, that is all the necessary minerals,
  • In the case of suspected health problems that require additional, detailed diagnostics,
  • If infertility or other diseases that require appropriate dietary management is diagnosed,
  • If the animal is struggling with specific ailments – obesity or its relapses, allergies, digestive and skin problems, dental and periodontal diseases, it suffers from itching, hair loss, etc.,
  • In the case of purebred, sports or exhibition animals, when you care about their peak form and beautiful appearance,
  • If animals are your friends and you want to visibly increase their quality of life.


The highest standard

of animal diagnostics and nutrition



We provide all our patients with dietary support The EHAA result allows you to determine the optimal diet and supplementation tailored to the individual needs of your animal