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We provide all our patients with support in the field of animal dietetics, necessary to determine the optimal diet and supplementation tailored to their individual needs.

 O R D E R  N O W

Pets Diag – Elemental Hair Analysis for Animals

Why is worth doing the EHAA test


Because the animals, like humans, are exposed to civilization diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced breeder, a happy owner of a dog, cat or horse, or if you are just planning to become one of them – we are glad that you are here because it gives us a chance to take care of your animal’s health with you.

What is good for humans is  not always good for animals


One, the right diet for every animal does not exist. What minerals and their ratios will be good for them, depends on their species, breed, age, size, sex and many other factors. Dogs, cats and horses need several dozen different nutrients to function properly – amino acids, fatty acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. In addition to the number of nutrients provided with food, you should also pay attention to their correct proportions, e.g. calcium to phosphorus. Well-balanced food guarantees good health and long life for your animals. The right diet and diagnostics enable to control and regulate the mineral nutritional status of the animals’ body.

The highest standard

of animal diagnostics and nutrition


PetsDiag is the answer to your animals’ needs

Hair Mineral Analysis

the non-invasive diagnostic test, conducted on the highest quality, certified equipment, which gives the most reliable result of nutritional and toxic levels in the animal’s body.

Interpretation of the EHAA result and dietary support

aimed at setting the best diet for the patient based on the obtained test results.

The highest quality supplements

for targeted supplementation, tailored to specific needs, specific organism.