EHAA test in a few easy steps:

  1. You will receive the ordered EHAA kit by mail. In it you will find: a short questionnaire you will have to complete along with the sampling instruction / an envelope for a hair / a return envelope.
  2. Fill in a form and take a sample as instructed.
  3. Register a user account on our website and add your dog’s profile
  4. The completed form and a sample sent to us using an addressed envelope. We will inform you by e-mail when the sample reaches the laboratory.
  5. The waiting time for the result is 3 to 4 weeks. We will inform you by e-mail about the availability of the result immediately when the test will be done. To get your EHAA result, sign in to your account on PetsDiag Panel.
  6. The EHAA result also contains its comprehensive interpretation with the essential nutritional advice, developed by experts in the field of animal nutrition.
  7. You have permanent access to the PetsDiag Panel where you can gather documents and information about your dog’s health history.

Przykładowy wynik

What is good for humans
is not always good for animals

interpretation of the result and dietary support

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How to sample

Directly prior to sampling the animal hair should not be washed and only precisely combed of impurities (it should not take place earlier than 3 days after the previous wash of the dog).
Take a sample from the area of the shoulder blade or groin. Separate the first strand and cut it with sharp scissors just by the skin. For the test send 1,5-2 cm of the strand, measuring from the place of cutting (from the skin), throw away the rest of the strand. Repeat the procedure as many times so that the weight of the cut hair is 300-400 mg, which corresponds by volume with 1 flat tablespoon.
In order to take a sample from the dog with short, smooth hair, a shaver should be used. The amount of the material necessary for the test and place of sampling remain unchanged. For precise determination of trends, repeat the test in 6 months.

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