Macroelements in cat nutrition

Minerals play a number of important roles in the cat’s body. They regulate the work of some organs, e.g. the thyroid gland and adrenal cortex, and also take part in numerous physiological processes, e.g. in the activation of enzymes and oxygen transport. Due to their content in the body, they can be divided into macro- […]

Puppy care challenges

On the one hand, the appearance of a puppy at home is a great joy, but also a big responsibility. After all, it is necessary to provide him or her with the right conditions, and also to get him or her used to a new home. How to properly care for a puppy Getting the […]

Feeding the dog – diet and eyesight

Sight is one of the key senses to obtain information from the outside world. Dogs, like humans, experience age-related changes in their eyesight. Retinal degeneration and lens clouding are common problems in older dogs. Vision problems can also have other causes. The cause may be an abnormal structure of the eye, genetic disease, trauma, but […]

Cataracts in dogs – causes, symptoms, and treatment – veterinarian Paweł Stefanowicz

Although vision is not the leading sense in dogs and cats, which orient themselves primarily through a perfect sense of smell and hearing, it is undoubtedly essential for proper functioning and comfort. Cataract plays a special role among the causes of blindness due to its high incidence. If your dog is diagnosed with the onset […]

Canine parasitic diseases – veterinarian Małgorzata Miłosz

Parasites are organisms that live inside or on their host’s surface and benefit from it. Most often they feed on the nutrients of the host, thus causing losses to his/her health. For example, fleas that parasitize a dog in large numbers can contribute to its anemia, in addition to persistent itching and skin problems. Contrary […]

What to do when your dog refuses to eat – causes and solutions

We used to take a dog’s good appetite as a sign of his or her health. When they suddenly lose appetite, the question arises: why does the dog refuse to eat? There may be many reasons for this. Some of them are trivial, others serious and require urgent vet consultation. In our article, we will […]

What should you know when adopting a dog from a shelter?

Are you considering adopting a dog from a shelter for the first time in your life? Are you wondering what the procedures look like and are they very complicated? How much do you have to pay? What to do to prove yourself as a dog handler? We invite you to read our article – we […]

Who is the canine behaviorist?

Nowadays, both happy owners of shaggy quadrupeds and those who are just getting ready to adopt a dog, hear more and more often about dog behaviorists. Some people know this concept very well, for others it is completely new and still often causes a grimace of surprise. So, who is the canine behaviorist who appears […]

What is EHAA? A test for horses that’s worth doing

An elemental hair analysis in which a hair sample is tested for nutrient and detrimental, heavy metal content; it’s a test used in humans to detect potential health problems long before any symptoms appear. This effective and non-invasive test can also be done in horses – thanks to a collaboration between the Lifeline Diag laboratory […]