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The latest statistics show that more than 22 million dogs, 2.5 million cats and approximately 0.5 million horses live in India. This means that the group of potential customers is really big and the Indian animal market has very high growth potential. We don’t know how it happened that you work with animals but probably like us, out of concern for the health of your clients and the satisfaction of their owners, you try to meet their needs.  With us, you can do it!

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Elemental Hair Analysis for dogs and the one-component food supplements that we offer is a great way to extend your business with the highest quality services and products. Without any financial outlays, own costs or risk. You receive the product – if you sell it, you get a commission.


We offer the opportunity to get new customers without leaving home, i.e. consulting EHAA test results from around the country. At a convenient time for you, via skype or phone call.

The host of the meeting/Lecturer

As a company growing in the diagnostic market, we mustn’t forget about meetings and training. Be the host of our webinar. Let people know you and recommend you to others.

How can EHAA help to develop your business?

EHAA test guarantees the owner the best choice of individual diet for his dog, cat or horse that will take care of its health and condition.

This is the only test which shows the levels of nutrients over the past 3 months. An alternative blood test allows for determining the condition of the body only at the time of sampling.

The owner does the EHAA test without leaving home, which allows remote customer service. If you are a groomer or vet, you also have the perfect opportunity to sample.

The EHAA is unstressful. The simplicity, ease and non-invasiveness of the test make it a completely stress-free diagnostic for animals.

EHAA detects excesses, deficiencies and disturbances of minerals as well as levels of toxic elements in an animal’s organism. This is important information when choosing the right diet or diagnosing a disease entity.

What do we guarantee as part of our cooperation?

Individual consultant care

Attractive terms of cooperation

Online patient account for effective remote customer service

Promotion on our website

Marketing materials

Several languages versions of the EHAA result

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