Check the EHAA test report for your horse

The levels and proportions of macro-and micronutrients and toxic elements shown in the result should be interpreted taking into account the horse’s breed, sex, age, general health, as well as the type of used food and supplementation.

We provide all our patients with dietary support. Therefore, the EHAA result contains a description that provides owners with the necessary guidance and helps determine the optimal diet and supplementation that is tailored to the horse’s individual needs. Description of the EHAA results contains valuable information and nutritional guidelines developed by qualified specialists in the field of animal nutrition.

The description of the EHAA result is free and included in every examination.

What you need to know:


The EHAA description is free. You receive it along with each test is performed.

The EHAA result and description show the levels of the nutritional elements – essential macro, micronutrients and toxic elements in the horse’s body, and provides the necessary dietary advice based on this information.

We provide dietary support only to patients who have performed the EHAA test.

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