THAA for a dog /e-kit (UK)

What’s included?

  • a heavy metal test for your dog (determining the levels of 11 toxic elements)
  • e-kit for sampling, online results with a description – everything from the convenience of your home

Price: 49 GBP


THAA – analysis of heavy metal levels for your dog

Save the environment and your time!

Order in a few easy steps:

1. After buying a THAA test, you will receive an e-mail with the THAA form. Print it and complete it legibly, please.
2. Take a hair sample as instructed, put it along with the completed form into the paper envelope, and send it to the following address: Pets Diag S.A., ul. Lubiny 10C, 40-582 Katowice, Poland.
3. We will inform you that we received your dog’s sample at the e-mail address provided in the form.
4. The waiting time for the result is 14 working days.

To get the result, create a user account on the Pets Diag Panel. 

THAA informs you about your dog’s condition and disease trends. How is it possible?

Based on the demonstrated levels of toxic elements that load the organism and reduce the absorption of nutrients. Heavy metals are not only the cause of many diseases and ailments but also make their therapy difficult.

THAA is an effective and non-invasive diagnostic test that reflects the level of body toxicity, thus providing insight into the patient’s health status. The test result determines the level of 11 toxic elements. It helps in detecting many health problems and disease tendencies. Thanks to THAA, you will carry out the proper detoxification of your dog’s body.

The THAA result contains a description that informs about the potential consequences of the indicated toxic excesses.

The burden of heavy metals in a dog’s body reduces the absorption of macro and micronutrients

Nutrients are essential for the proper development, growth, and functioning of every dog’s body. Diagnostics with the use of the THAA method allows for constant control of the existing mineral imbalances, due to heavy metal burdens, and thus for the diagnosis of many diseases already at the stage of asymptomatic development in the body.

THAA –  toxic hair analysis for dogs is a simple, non-invasive test that is worth doing:

  • for preventive purposes, check if your dog is not burdened with heavy metals that enter its body daily from the external environment and food,
  • in the case of suspected health problems that require additional, detailed diagnostics,
  • if  infertility or another disease was diagnosed that requires appropriate dietary management,
  • if a dog is struggling with specific ailments,  obesity or its relapses, allergies, digestive and skin problems, dental and periodontal diseases, he suffers from itching, hair loss, etc.,
  • in the case of purebred, sports, or exhibition dogs, when you care about their peak form and beautiful appearance,
  • if your dog is your friend and you want to visibly increase his quality of life.


The THAA result will inform you about:

  • the levels of 11 toxic elements can burden your dog’s body and visibly reduce its overall condition and health,
  • the result contains a description of the detected toxic burdens. Thanks to that you will receive valuable advice tailored to the needs of your dog.


By making the detoxification suggested by the THAA, you will be able to observe in your dog:

  • a visible surge of energy and improvement in mental and physical condition,
  • an increase in the body’s resistance,
  • increased effectiveness in treating individual ailments and diseases. 


THAA for your dog


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