How much and how often to feed

If dogs ran the world, the restaurants with dog food would be open 24 hours a Day. Most dogs love to eat. And eat. And eat some more. But though it’s tempting to show your love with extra helpings, or by making food available all day, overfeeding does no dog any favors. (Overweight pets can suffer from the same ailments as hefty humans do.)

There is no precise answer as far as how much to feed a dog, because caloric needs vary with size (a Chihuahua doesn’t chow down like a Mastiff), age, and activity level. One rule of thumb is that if your dog is energetic and keeping his figure trim, he’s probably eating the right amount. Food packaging offers recommendations, but remember: those are just guidelines. Only an animal dietician will determine exactly how much the dog should eat.

And how often should you feed your pal? Morning and evening meals are recommended for adult dogs (puppies are a different story; go by your vet’s advice.) Twice-daily feedings make it easy to monitor your dog’s intake, and thus his health, since dogs who are not feeling well tend to drop their routines. Also, regular feedings keep a dog…”regular”.

Based on: (25.10.2017)

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