Why the EHAA result should be interpreted by a specialist?

Because the levels and chosen proportions of elements that occur in your dog’s hair should be interpreted taking into account dog breed, its sex, age, general health, as well as the type of feed and used supplementation.

Therefore for all our patients we provide support of animal dietician, who on the basis of the EHAA result, background survey and additional information will determine the best diet and supplementation for individual needs of your dog.

The interpretation of the EHAA result is written and the order is made online via the PetsDiag Panel. Thanks to this, our services can be used by everyone, regardless of where they live. The EHAA written interpretation is free*

Our expert

By consulting the result of EHAA you will receive valuable information, tips and prescriptions from our expert. Advice is provided by Dr. Olga Lasek

Dr Eng. Olga Lasek – research and teaching worker at the University of Agriculture in Cracow. She has been teaching at the University since 2006, first as a doctorate and continuously as an assistant professor since 2011 and as an adjunct at the Department of Animal Nutrition, Faculty of Animal Breeding and Animal Biology.

Dr Olga Lasek is the coordinator of subjects in the following fields: Zootechnics, Applied Biology, Animal bioengineering, Applied Biotechnology and Veterinary. The coordinated subjects are: Feeding dogs and cats, Felinology, Feeding exotic animals, Feeding domestic and laboratory animals, Feeding laboratory animals, Exotic animals, Breeding and breeding of exotic mammals, Animal nutrition and Dietetics.

Dr. Olga Lasek’s scientific interests concern primarily the nutrition of monogastric animals, mainly dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals, especially gastrointestinal microflora, the role of fiber in feeding monogastric animals, the impact of dog nutrition in various ways on their condition, as well as optimizing animal nutrition in zoological gardens and organization of a feed base at the ZOO.

Dr Olga Lasek uses in-vivo techniques (digestibility tests, biological markers) and in vitro (enzymatic, gas test) to assess the correctness of nutrition. She is a co-author of numerous original works, monographs and chapters in an academic textbook and reports on conferences. She participated in several dozen conferences, symposia and seminars and organized many scientific conferences from the science-practice cycle in the field of animal nutrition.

What do you need to know:


Written interpretation of the EHAA result is free*. You can order it at no charge after each single EHAA test. After order written interpretation, EHAA result of your dog will be interpreted by the chosen consultant.

From the moment of ordering the interpretation, you have 3 days to add additional files and useful information about your dog on PetsDiag Panel which together with the background survey will enable the expert to prepare a written interpretation of the EHAA result.

The lenght of written interpretation is about/minimum 2 A4 paper.

The description of the result will appear on your PetsDiag panel within 14 business days from the moment of ordering, which we will inform you via e-mail.

In the case of a single order for several interpretations, the waiting time is proportionally extended.


You can order written interpretation of the EHAA result on PetsDiag Panel– EHAA Interpretations bookmark

*Dog-owner doesn’t bear the costs of the first written interpretation of the EHAA result. The second and each subsequent written interpretation of the same EHAA result is payable. To order the next free interpretation, a new EHAA test should be performed.

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