EHAA test in a few easy steps:

  1. After buying an EHAA test you will receive an e-mail with the EHAA form.
  2. Take a hair sample as instructed.
  3. Send the sample back to the lab along with the completed form.
  4. The waiting time for the result is 14 working days.
  5. The EHAA result also contains a comprehensive report.
  6. In addition, each result is individually consulted by a horse nutrition specialist.
  7. To get the result and order a consultation written by our expert create a user account on the Pets Diag Panel. 

Przykładowy wynik

A horse doesn’t care
how much you know,
until he knows
how much you care.

– Pat Parelli

consultation of the result and dietary support

order an EHAA test for your horse

How to sample

Take a sample from the mane. Directly before sampling, the mane should not be washed and only precisely combed to help remove dirt, dead hair, and other detritus.

Separate the first strand and cut it with sharp scissors just by the skin. For the test, send 1 inch of the strand, measuring from the skin side. The remaining part of the hair can be removed. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary, so that the weight of the sample is 300-400 mg, which corresponds to the volume of 1 tablespoon.

For a precise determination of the trends, repeat the test in 6 months.



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