What’s included?

  • additional description of the EHAA result for your dog written by the dog nutritionist

*You will receive a description of each EHAA test result. Order additional description only if necessary. This option is availably only for owners who have performed an EHAA test.

Price: 35 GBP


Additional description of the EHAA result for your dog written by the dog nutritionist

Each EHAA test result includes a comprehensive description. However, if you have any doubts or questions,  so simply want to know more, we offer extended consulting support with a specialist in dog nutrition.

The additional written interpretation will be prepared by our expert, especially for your horse. Thanks to that you will discuss the EHAA result in all details you need. Just order an extra written consultation and add your questions to your Pets Diag user account. Our specialist will give you answers and provide further details on how to complete mineral deficiencies, what the proportions of elements showed in your dog’s result mean and how to implement a proper diet and supplementation.

After ordering an additional written interpretation, you can add scans of the dog’s medical documentation to your Pets Diag user account, as well as describe his health situation, possible problems, past or current diseases and conditions, type of food and the method of feeding.

What do you need to know:

  1. Additional written interpretation of the EHAA result for your dog will be prepared by an animal dietician, who based on the EHAA result will determine the best diet and supplementation for the individual needs of your dog.
  2. From the moment of ordering the interpretation, you have 3 days to add important files and useful information about your dog on the PetsDiag Panel which will enable our expert to prepare an additional written interpretation of the EHAA result.
  3. The length of the additional written interpretation is about 2 A4 paper.
  4. The description of the result will appear on your PetsDiag panel within 14 business days from the moment of ordering, which we will inform you of via e-mail.
  5. In the case of a single order for several interpretations, the waiting time is proportionally extended.