What’s included?

  • 3 x elemental hair analysis EHAA
  • 3 x written interpretation of the result

Price: 507 GBP 439 GBP


By ordering the 3 x EHAA set option you will triple-take care of your dog’s health at a special price

EHAA is a reliable, effective and non-invasive diagnostic test that gives a picture of your friend’s health. The test result determines the level of 24 elements in the body and their proportions. It helps in detecting many health problems and tendencies to get sick. EHAA will inform you about the concentration of both nutrient and toxic minerals.

What’s more? For each EHAA you will get writting interpretation preapared by our expert, who will provide information on how to supply for mineral deficiencies in the dog’s body, what the individual proportions of elements mean and how to ensure proper diet and supplementation of your dog.