What’s included?

  • elemental hair analysis for your horse
  • interpretation of the result

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EHAA test – order in a few easy steps:

1. You will receive the ordered EHAA kit by mail. In it you will find: a short questionnaire you will have to complete along with the sampling instruction / an envelope for a hair / a return envelope.

2. Fill in a form and take a sample as instructed.

3. Register a user account on our website and add your horse’s profile

4. The completed form and a sample sent to us using an addressed envelope. We will inform you by e-mail when the sample reaches the laboratory.

5. The waiting time for the result is 3 to 4 weeks. We will inform you by e-mail about the availability of the result immediately when the test will be done. To get your EHAA result, sign in to your account on PetsDiag Panel.

6. The EHAA result also contains its comprehensive interpretation with the essential nutritional advice, developed by experts in the field of animal nutrition.

7. You have permanent access to the PetsDiag Panel where you can gather documents and information about your horse’s health history.


EHAA informs about the condition, disease trends and individual nutritional needs of the test horse. How is this possible?

Based on the demonstrated levels of macro and micronutrients, as well as toxic elements that hinder the absorption of nutrients. Mineral surpluses and deficiencies as well as heavy metals load the body are not only the cause of many diseases and ailments but also make their therapy difficult.

The EHAA is an effective, non-invasive diagnostic test that gives a picture of the state of biochemical balance, that is the patient’s health. The test result determines the level of 21 elements in the organism. It helps in detecting many health problems and disease tendencies. The EHAA shows the concentration of both nutritional and toxic minerals in your horse’s body, which will help correct nutritional mistakes and make beneficial changes to his current diet.

The EHAA result contains its description informing about the potential consequences of the indicated mineral deficiencies and excesses, as well as giving a hint on how to compensate for mineral deficiencies in the body and how to implement a proper diet and supplementation of the patient.

The demand for macro and microelements is not the same for every horse

Even in the same organism, it isn’t constant, it fluctuates periodically due to internal and environmental factors. Diagnostics with the use of the EHAA method allows for constant control of the existing mineral imbalances, and thus for the diagnosis of many diseases already at the stage of an asymptomatic development in the body.

The nutrient requirements of horses depend on:

  • their age, sex and breed – it is different in stallions, different in mares and geldings and different in foals and growing adolescents
  • the level of physical activity and training intensity – depending on whether we are talking about working, recreational, highly active or sports horses
  • reproductive period – in stallions, with an intensive mating program, this demand increases even up to 20%
  • pregnancy or the absence of pregnancy and the lactation period – the need for minerals is greater in pregnant mare during the period of fetal growth and skeletal system formation and immediately after delivery due to the production of colostrum and milk
  • the general condition of the organism, past or present diseases
  • seasons and temperature
    The EHAA test allows to recognize, control and restore the mineral balance in every horse’s body.


Elemental Hair Analysis is a simple, non-invasive test that is worth doing if:

  • For preventive purposes, to check that the diet provides the horse with what he needs, that is all the necessary minerals,
  • In the case of suspected health problems that require additional, detailed diagnostics,
  • if  infertility or another disease was diagnosed that requires appropriate dietary management,
  • If the horse is struggling with specific ailments – obesity, allergies, deterioration of the condition of the skin and hair, digestive problems, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, etc.
  • In the case of purebred, sports or exhibition horses, when you care about their peak form and beautiful appearance,
  • If your horse is your friend and you want to visibly increase his quality of life.


The EHAA result will inform you about:

The level of 21 elements in your horse’s body – 13 nutritional macro and microelements and 8 toxic elements that burden his or her body.

The result contains a description of the parameters shown in the test. As a result, you will receive valuable advice and dietary tips tailored to the needs of your horse.

By making the changes suggested by the EHAA, you will be able to observe in your horse:

  • a visible surge of energy and improvement of his or her mental and physical condition
  • an increase in the body’s resistance
  • an increased effectiveness in treating individual ailments and diseases


EHAA for your horse

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